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Group Hug

Pulse Small Groups

Our Pulse small groups are prayer groups, following the curriculum of Fr. Lawrence Joseph, a Franciscan Friar. We will use the Bible, Catechism, and encyclicals to discuss  and be formed on family, marriage, and life issues. This prayer group will lead you in a deeper relationship with God and your peers, as well as give you a deeper understanding of our faith.

If you want to join a small group, email Sammie. We will have an adult help facilitate these groups. Each group can meet at their own convenience, ideally once or twice a month.


Pulse Small Groups for Moms

Throughout our classes with teens, we have noticed that the moms of these teens have stories to tell and are craving to pray and journey with a small group as well. Moms are invited to join a small group, follow the curriculum from Fr. Lawrence Joseph, and most importantly, pray with other moms.

If you want to join a small group, email Sammie. This group will be facilitated by Melissa Graziano and Kristin Holford.

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